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2012. 07. 30.

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The Ugly Toffee Cake

Three layer of vanilla-hazelnut-chocolate-caramel goodness. The sweettooth will love this cake! Do not overdose! :)

This is kind of a scrappy cake. I thought about assebling a cake that represents a huge Toffifee. So I'm gonna need the following parts:

Layers of the Ugly Toffee cake
1 layer of toffee cake

1 layer of brownies

1 layer of vanilla sponge cake

caramel cream

chocolate glaze



I'm not gonna post detailed recipes, but I have some links for you, where you can find the recipes for the layers and the cream.

As you can see on the list of layers, we're gonna need three different layers (plus the cream). Start with the caramel cake layer (spread some cream on the top), continue with the brownie layer (spread cream again)and finish with the vanilla sponge cake.

Yes, I know. I said toffee cake at the top, and caramel just now. I know they're not exactly the same. But very similar. I named the cake Toffee cake, because it was inspired by Toffifee, but I used caramel cake in the making...

Recipes for the layers:

Southern Caramel Cake
Vanilla sponge cake - as you've seen from me before

We're ready to cover...

Ok, not completely ready... as you can see in the picture, the layers aren't equal in size at the edge. But you can help it with a sharp knife!

Make you favourite chocolate glaze and cover the cake with it! I decorated my cake with hazelnuts and Toffifee.

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