2012. 05. 26.

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The Admiral's bag

Enough room not only for your cylon-killer flashlight, but your phone, books and 0.5 l Ice Tea. If I were an admiral, I sure would be only wearing a bag like this.
This bag was made for my favourite Battlestar Galactica fan. :)

The main design directives:
Battlestar Galactica (BSG) theme

not too big

manly and awesome

multiple pockets for devices

a 0.5 liter bottle must fit

should hold 1 or 2 books

I decided to design this bag after the uniform of William "I'm getting my men back" Adama - the commander and then admiral with the killer look, the good, the just, the true leader of humanity. For the base of this bag I chose a dark blue plastic canvas, and I used red stripes of the same material to give the bag some borders.

To make the BSG theme more obvious I applied the design directive of "cut off edges", like they did in the TV show with every possible object. And I put a little BSG patch on the front too.

dark blue vetex (its like pearl canvas)

red vetex stripes

black liner

~8.5 inches ziplock

threads of the above colors

1. Cutting

The picture above shows the parts you'll need for the bag. For the books and the 0.5l bottle to fit, I designed the bag to be about 8.5 x 8.5 x 3 inches. The top of the bag will be one big pocket. No more specifics, but I'll show you some pictures on how to assemble the thing.

A: shoulder strap

B: back and front

C: bottom

D: sides

E: top pocket - back

F: top pocket - above the ziplock

G: top pocket - below the ziplock (with BSG patch)

H: back of the inside

I: device holders (cell/iPod/whatever)

Don't forget to leave about 0.5 - 1 inch border around the pieces for sewing!

2. Preparations

The insides
First, we're gonna make the pockets for the inside. Cut one H and two I parts out of the black liner. The liner materials are mostly quite thin, so when you seam around the borders you can fold the edges twice or three times even. Fold the edges of the I elements as shown on the picture. Press firmly along the folded sides, so there will be lines when you release them. This way, they will hold this shape while you sew them on. Put the I parts on the H so they will form a cellphone sized brick (one which has no top or bottom). Sew them on by their sides but leave a little space around the bottom. Tuck in their bottoms and sew on the bottoms too.

Not the prettiest solution, but it works. If you wanted to, you could make a whole brick out of the liner material. That takes more time though.

Pair up the insides you just made with a B element. Sew them together (back to back). It will give a little strength to the pockets inside. Sew together the B and D elements by their corresponding sides (as shown on the picture). Now we have a bottomless bag :) If you just sew on the bottom, the body is ready.

The top pocket
This is the most difficult part of the bag. To make the patch actually part of the design, I brought the material to a friend of mine to make it embroidered professionally. I only cut out the pieces afterwards.

Follow the picture and sew a small piece of red border to the edge on the F part. Let it hang out a bit (about 0.2 inches). Take the ziplock and sew one side of it to the G part and the other to F along the red border. The F element should cover the ziplock.

The results of the previous step should get you a part that is about the same size and shape as the E one. The next step is to sew these two together with a red border between them. Make this border out of a red stripe folded in two. Don't worry, if your red stripes are not long enough, you can align a new one where the other ended. Just be careful to fold back the edge of the new one cover the end of the other with the new. Also at that particular part you will have more layers of this plastic material, so be careful with the sewing machine, because one reckless move could break you needle in half!

The last rounds
We're almost there!
Put the top pocket to its rightful place along the body. Cover the top edges with red borders (don't forget to fold their edges back). Now sew.

The last thing is the shoulderstrap. Fold the A part in half and tuck in the edges. Sew it around all edges (this will make the strap nice and flat). Fasten it on both sides of the bag with as many stitches you like (the more the better, but don't overkill).

And here we go! Awesomest bag ever made! :) Isn't it?

And one last advice for you: this stuff, vetex (I'm not sure they call it vetex in every shop, or if they call this particular material by that name) is a quite resistant and thick material. So there may be pieces that you won't be able to pinch thought with a needle, so you may decide not to fold and tuck in all the edges. Not to worry. The stuff is made from a kind of thermoplastic, so you can melt the edges with a lighter. Just be careful not to set anything on fire!
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