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2012. 08. 15.

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Sultans of cake

It's always hard to come up with something new for my parents, or my brother. This time it was my father's birthday, and I once again chose music as a theme, and tried to make one of my father's favourite band's album into a cake. That's how I chose Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits.

I designed it to be a square shaped cake. I wanted to make a chocolate-fruit combo taste, so I made some brownies and loaded them with raspberry cream.

Once again, for the brownies I used the magnificent recipe from Darla's site:
The BEST Brownies ever

The raspberry cream is not a big deal at all. Just mush the raspberries, and mix with firmly beaten, sweetened cream. If the cream is not firm enough, apply gelatine.

Originally I wanted to make strawberry cream for this, but I couldn't buy strawberries anywhere. Of course, you can make it with any kind of fruit you'd like. Or if you don't like fruit in particular, you can always make some chocolate or vanilla :P

Okay, now the details...

I baked a tray of brownies and cut them to square shape, so they would fit my serving plate :)

I don't have a square shaped cake mold, so I had to make one for myself... out of tinfoil! :)

I made four walls around the tray where I layed the brownie layer and I fixed each corner with a little piece of tinfoil. (I love that stuff! Almost as good as duct tape! :P ) I covered the inside with nylon because I don't like the taste of aluminium in my raspberry cream.

I filled my temporary DIY mold with the raspberry cream and put the cake in the fridge for a few hours. Then I removed the tinfoil and covered the stuff with fondant.

First I painted the whole fondant cover with deep blue glitter food coloring. I painted it dry. No water. (I used up a whole jar...)

I rolled out the rest of the fondant and cut smaller squares out of it. These will be the bases of the polaroid pictures of the album cover. The fondant was very thin, so after placing each polaroid-square I cut the excess fondant so they would all lay in one layer. I painted the colors on the pictures (yellow and grey) and then some black contours for the guitar.

The cake even had some candles on the big day. It was the guests' favourite... :)

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