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2012. 08. 03.

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Stargate cake

On the next episode of "My Weird Cakes": Stargate

This is a stargate...

I've been experimenting with lots of ingredient and flavours. Now, I've tried something new: the glitter food coloring! And one of the best opportunities to test it was a Stargate cake, where I painted the structure with silver-metal coloring and the event horizon with glitter blue.

The start was a HUGE Boston Cream Pie (flavour was requested).
I made the chocolate glaze with more cream so fondant could be fixed easily.

The cake was very delicious indeed (pun totally intended), but sadly the fondant practically melted in the hot (~40 C) summer weather. :( It even teared a little.

And the result is nowhere near that awesome as this one is:

It was not pretty, but it sure was yummy, and everybody survived eating the glitter colors. The next cake will be prettier. I promise :)

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