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Kon. Loudmouth. Villainous. Pervert. Annoying. But he deserves some love. Even if his only objective is to chase skirts :3
Once I finished watching the first X episodes of Bleach, I had a feeling I must bring the cute plush-figure-souls to life. My first attempt at this was Kon. Well, I won't say that it is an example of professional seamstress work. :P

Materials of Kon:
orange plush

brown felt

white felt

3 black buttons (for the eyes and nose)

1 big, lighter colored button (for the belly)

pink textile

some fluffy stuffing

I didn't make any templates for this, so I cannot give you any plans, nor can I tell you the exact measurements. But I can tell you how I made this cute little bastard.

1. Measurements

A good starting point is that Kon's body consist of three equal parts: head, body and legs. (If you look at the picture closely, the arms are also the same height.) According to that, if you know how tall a figure you want, you can guess the size of each part.

Luckily, this composition is simple enough to guess what kind of shapes and parts we need. I didn't follow the anime precisely with these shapes and the stitches (that's partly the reason why it haven't turned out to be as great as I expected). These are the parts I used for making Kon:

Don't forget to leave about 0.5 - 1 inch border around the pieces for sewing!

2. Preparation

After you cut out the pieces, it is customary to seam them around their borders. I didn't do that, because I wasn't working with a sewing machine, and it would have taken me too long. It's still in one piece (lasted 3 years so far), but a "real" sewn work requires seaming to prevent raveling. (Obviously, you don't need to do that with felt. It's good on its own.)

I think this is the hardest part. I picked one of the "head" pieces and named it the face. Before I sewed the head parts together I made the face. For the mouth I took the small piece of felt and sewed it on top of a small pink piece (that makes the impression of the open mouth), and then I sewed the whole thing to the face part. I sewed together the other two pink pieces by one side, and then I sewed them slighty above the mouth piece so they would cover a small part of the top of it. You can put a little stuffing under them before you fix the parts. Then came the eyes.
After the face was ready I made the ears. For that I sewed a pink ear piece (inner ear) on top of an orange one. Then I placed a front and a back ear part facing each other (like they were inside out). I sewed them together and turned them back.
After I was done with the ears I aligned the face and the remaining head part - also facing each other - and I placed the mane and two ears to the right place.

Careful! - If you sew the parts together like this (inside out) the mane and ears should point to the inside!

Careful! - Don't sew the whole head together! You'll need a hole to stuff the head and sew it to the body! So leave a neckwide hole :)

I didn't make the claws out of felt (it would have been better though). Instead I used white textile pieces which I sewed together for stability. Sadly it was not enough. Making the limbs is actually very easy. The only thing you have to watch out for is the size of the circle pieces that will close up each limb! First I made cylinders out of the orange rectangles of legs and arms. Then I put the pink palms and white claws in place and sewed them together (still with the insideout-turnback-stuff maneuver).

Body and tail
Making the tail is so obvious that I will never tell you how to do it :)
The last few things you have to do is to sew on the big belly button, align all the parts together and make the last stitches along the edge of the body parts to finish Kon.


There's one important note left about this project: don't buy painted buttons for the face, 'cus it will leave stains on your face if you fall asleep on top of them :)
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