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Kitten pillow

The next fantastic sleeping buddy! It's a pillow AND a cat at the same time.

We love teh kittenz :3

We have 2 cats living with us. Cute as hell, but just as evil. Just look at the picture... (yes, it's them on the left...)

Once when we were on a holiday I saw a darn cute bedsheet combo with a drawn cat pattern. Costed a hell of a lot of course, so we didn't buy it. But as a watched the sheets from the window I thought, the only way this could be even more awesome is if the cats were 3D. That's how I got this idea. In the next few lines I'm gonna tell you how to make a 3D pillowcase (stupdi name, I know... try using a 2D pillowcase... but the cat on it is really 3D... you get what I'm saying, right?).

Materials for the pillowcase cat
white/cream heavy silk

dark magenta heavy silk

dark blue heavy silk

3-4 buttons

stuffing material

Palette I used for the kitteh
Color by COLOURlovers

1. Measures

Before you got and buy the materials for the pillowcase, I have some advice...

I chose heavy silk. This material is VERY pretty and VERY soft. But it is also VERY hard to iron properly.

Measure your favourite pillow (or a suitable pillowcase)! The picture below shows how. If your pillow if x wide and y tall, buy a piece of textile that is about x wide and 2y tall (plus borders for the sewing)! This is only for the case. No cat included :)

The picture below also shows the parts you'll need to cut out of the material.

A: pillowcase (cut in in half as shown!)

B: head

C: ear (2)

D: inner ear (2)

E: belly

F: limbs (6)

G: tail

H & I: tabby kitty stripes :) (11 pieces of H, and 3 pieces of I)

(3 - 4 buttons)

Don't forget to leave about 0.5 - 1 inch border around the pieces for sewing!


The cat is gonna be a part of the pillowcase, so first choose a half of the A part and name if front. Pick a side where you want to make the cat. The cat will go straight on the pillowcase. The will be no back sides of particular elements. We will build the cat from back to front, onto the pillowcase.


Sew the I parts on top of the G part as shown on the picture. This will make a striped cat tail. Fold it back a bit around the edges and sew it onto the pillowcase. You can place a bit of stuffing under it, if you want to.


The arms will be fixed to the pillow, but the legs will move freely. (That's why we need 6 pieces of the F part.) To make one leg, sew together 2 of the F parts as if they were inside out (leave the top open). Turn it back and stuff it. Repeat for the 2nd leg. Place the legs to the right point on the pillowcase, and sew them on by the top (this will also close the top of the leg parts). Don't fix them anywhere else but the top! We want the legs to be hanging loose. The 2 F parts left will be the arms. These will go directly on the pillowcase. Fold back along the border, place some stuffing under, and sew it completely on the pillowcase.


One ear is made by sewing together a C and a D part. Sew them with the usual inside-out-technique then turn back and stuff. Place them on the pillowcase the sew them on by the open edge (as we did with the legs).


Before fixing the belly part, we're gonna make it a tabby cat! I used 8 of the H parts to do this. Just sew them onto the E part as shown on the picture. Fold the edges back and sew the belly on the pillowcase. Try to cover the unfolded edges of the parts you already sewed on. Leave the neck open, and stuff the belly through this hole.


The cat's face is gonna be embroidered this time. It is really simple. After you did the eyes and mouth, place and sew the rest of the H parts onto the forehead. Complete the cat by putting the head in place with some stuffing and sewing it on completely.

The pillowcase

I always start it the buttons, because it is easier for me to position the buttons and buttonsholes properly this way. After you seamed the two halves of the A piece around the edges, fold back a 3/4 inch stripe of the shorter edges on both pieces. You must fold the edge of the A1 part once more. The buttons will sit on this line on the A1 part. I placed 3 buttons and left some space from both ends on the line. You can do this however you want it... When the buttons are fixed, mark the places for the buttonholes in the folded line of the A2 part. Seam them around and cut the holes for the buttons. Button the pillowcase with newly created buttons and holes.

About 2.5 inches from each side I sew together the A1 and A2 parts on the line where the buttons are (as the orange lines show it on the picture). Fold the pillowcase so the cat is inside, and there's a folded line where the orange arrows point on the picture. If you did this ok, then the parts should meet around the edges of the pillowcase (I mean, they won't match perfectly, of course, but you shouldn't see that on of the A parts of way bigger than the other). At this point it might be a good idea to fix the layers with some pins. Sew the pieces together (except the near buttons...). Be careful NOT to place the cat between the layers anywhere, or you'll have to start again!

When you're ready, unbutton it, turn it back to the right side out and test it on a pillow. Sleep tight! :3 Purr-purr

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