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2012. 05. 25.

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Help! Headcrabs on my cake!

New equation: a gamer parent + CHOCOTALE + cake + Half Life = ?
This chocolate monster was made in pair with the Guns 'n' Roses cake. This time the theme is Half Life. I made a Sacher cake and decorated them with some small headcrabs. Damned little things. If you don't play Half Life, let me introduce you to the headcrabs. They are nasty little bugs and they make a zombie out of you, if you let them. So mostly, you just whack 'em with a crowbar when you meet them.

This is a "real" headcrab

And this is what happens if you let them on your head.

Fondant, so we meet again...

Sadly, I don't have any exact tutorials for this one. You just look at the pretty pictures, and try not to cover you kitchen with fondant if you try something like this on your own.

Here's how to make your own fondant:

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