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2012. 05. 28.

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Happy Loki Day!

At least on their birthday, people should do what they want.
The Strawberry Mischief Cake

white fondant

green, gold, pink and black food coloring

small amount of whipped cream

One of my dear friends had her birthday coming. So we accidentally celebrated it with a board game afternoon/night :) But there is no birthday without a cake, and there is no board game night without geekness, so I decided to paint her a Loki cake. And the cake will be an invitation to mischief. :)

Lately I've been experimenting with my own recipes and trying out new stuff. That is how "Strawberry Mischief" was born. It is based on a chocolate biscuit dough and filled with cream and strawberries.

I covered the cake with fondant. Luckily I didn't have to make my own fondant, because I've found a webshop where I can buy prepared fondant in packs. It is magic. Very easy to work with. I made a thin layer out of the fondant with a rolling pin (use confectioner's sugar to prevent sticky surfaces). I lifted the fondant layer with the help of the rolling pin and covered the cake with the layer. I smoothed it down along the sides and cut off the extra fondant around the edge.

I came up with this design for the top of the cake:

After the fondant had cooled a bit in the fridge, I did some art work. I carved the picture into the fondant layer with a clean pin. And then I painted the areas with the corresponding foodcolors. And as a finishing touch I decorated the edges with green colored whipped cream. That is how Loki, the God of Mischief was made on the top of a strawberry cake...

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