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2012. 06. 29.

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Gradient berry cake

Cottage cheese & cream cake with forest fruits, in a gradient coat.

This cake was actually made before the Loki cake. This was my first attempt in unusuality.

I wanted to make a light, creamy cake with some fruits. For the fruit part I chose red fruits for their strong colors: strawberries, raspberries and red currant. At first I wasn't sure about the design of the icing, so I made some sketches to see how it would look.

Finally I chose the one in the upper right corner.

Ingredients for Sponge Cake
6 eggs

6 tablespoons of sugar

some vanilla extract (depending on your taste)

6 heaped tablespoons of flour

1 pack of baking powder

1 pinch of salt

Sponge Cake
The base of the will be some vanilla sponge cake.

I made a smaller cake, so used only 2/3 of the ingredients. Don't be fooled by the images! :)

Split up the eggs, and cream the egg yolks with the sugar.

Put the flour and the baking powder in a bowl. Mix them and set aside. Whip the egg white until stiff.

Take the creamed egg yolk. Scatter half of the flour mixture on top of the egg yolks. Put the egg white on top of it. Scatter the remaining half of the flour mixture on top. Take a wooden spoon and gently mix them completely.

Preheat you oven to ~390 F (~200 C). Cover the cake mold with baking paper. Pour the batter in it. Bake until the top becomes brown. Let the sponge cake cool a bit inside the oven, then take it out, remove from the mold and baking paper, and let it cool completely.

Don't open the oven until the sponge cake is ready, or it will be ruined! :O

After the cake is out of the mold (and mold is cool again), we'll cover it again. This cake has a rather small base, but will be tall. So I made some quick upgrades on my cake mold, because it was too short and couldn't hold all the filling. First, I placed some tinfoil inside the mold, and then I covered it with come nylon foil - because nobody likes the taste of tinfoil in their cream cake, right? :) After the reinforcements are ready, put the sponge cake back to the mold.

Ingredients for filling
your favourite red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, red currant etc.)

some red jam (optional)

confectioner's sugar

1 lb cottage cheese

3/4 cup cream


First we crush the berries with a mixer. If you don't like the texture of the small seeds in you mix, you can filter them out using a filter or sieve with very small holes. Just put some of the mix in the filter, and use a spoon to stir the mix. The liquids and yummy fruit flesh in gonna pass through the filter, but the seeds won't. This procedure requires truckloads of patience, and you should probably sit down while doing this, or it will your back!

Make the mixture a bit thick by mixing it with confectioner's sugar. (Make it as thick as you want. If you overdo it, you can always lighten the mix up with some water.)

You better taste the mix time to time while stirring in the sugar, so it won't be too sweet nor too sour (especially if there's red currant in the mix - it gives the thing a funky taste, but it can be sour as hell...).

Whip the cream. Take a small portion and put it in the fridge for later. Crush the cottage cheese with a fork and sweeten it with sugar to your taste. Mix it with the remaining amount of cream.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: What we call cottage cheese (in Hungary) may differ from the stuff that you call by that name. It is a dairy product, all right, but it is NOT a kind of cheese actually... (Oh God, how am I gonna explain this?) I've tasted stuff that was labelled "cottage cheese" (I mean text was in English) and it totally different from what I (and also Google Translate does) translate to you as "cottage cheese". Soooo.. If you're not sure about this, you can replace the cottage cheese with some Mascarpone, of yoghurt or something like that. Just be sure to add enough gelatine to make the cream "stand".

Spread half of the rest of fruit mix on the sponge cake. Now comes half of the cottage cheese cream. Then the other half of the fruit mix. Finish with rest of the cottage cheese cream.

It is a bit hard to spread the white cream on top of the fruit mix, so you should put the cake in the fridge for some time to make the fruit mix thicker. It will make easier to spread the cottage cheese cream on top.

If I'm right, you still have some fruit mix in the fridge. Get it and mix with gelatine or confectioner's sugar to make it really thick. Spread it on top of the cake. Put the cake in the fridge for a few hours. When the top fruit layer has hardened, you can start decorating.

First, cover the side of the cake with some whipped cream. Try making it as straight as possible, and cover any overflowing fruit mix.

Split the rest of the whipped cream to as many parts as many row of cream dots will cover the cake. Color each portion making each one darker progressively. Start decorating with the darkest on the bottom and finish with the lightest on top applying a lighter shade for each row. One row is made up from tiny cream dots placed with a decor tube thightly next to each other. You can finish the decoration on the top with uncolored whipped cream as you wish.

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