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Gordon Freeman

Oh, Dr Freeman! The man who protects you from monsters, aliens, zombies and secret agents with briefcases. Who would be better company than Dr Freeman with a crowbar? :D
Back to the Half Life theme (there will be many alike). Gordon was a present specialized for sleeping, so I chose a lot of soft materials and stuffed the doll so it would be fluffy and cute as a button!

Materials for Gordon
Black textile

Yellow/Orange plush

Pink/Skincolor textile

Dark brown felt

Red textile

1 pair of plastic eyes

1. Measurements and cutting

The basis of our measurements is that our cute human doll consists of 3 parts of the same height: head, body and legs.

A: hair

B: face

C: glasses

D: eyes

E: beard

F: arms

G: hands and feet

H: decorations for the suit

I: body

J: legs

K: crowbar - base

L: crowbar - end

M: crowbar - head

Don't forget to leave about 0.5 - 1 inch border around the pieces for sewing!


Seam every piece around the border (except the ones made of felt) to prevent raveling!

Gordon's head will be made from the A, B, C, D and E parts. Start with the face. Sew glasses (C) and beard (E) on the B part, so they resemble Dr. Freeman's face. After that sew on the eyes. I positioned the eyes the closest to each other. Also I bought "moving" plactic eyes, so Gordon can make some funny faces if you shake him :D

Gordon Freeman looks very serious on every picture taken of him. You can easily aquire this expression if you make some straight stitches for his mouth. (You can even bend them a little.)

Place the face and hair parts faceing each other. Sew the shapes together arounb their borders, but leave a hole at the neck for stuffing. The head won't be ball shaped. It will be kind of flat, doesn't matter how much you stuff it. This head was never meant to be a ball (I'll show you how to do that in a later post).

Arms and legs
Arms and legs look pretty much alike. First you make the hands and feet by sewing together and stuffing 2 of the G parts. They will form little circular pillows. You don't have to sew the borders all the way. Once you've stuffed the pillows you can leave the holes open, we will sew them when we attach them to the arms and legs.

Take two (F) parts and put them down face to face. Put on of the pillows you've made before between the two layers. Since the arm is inside out now, the pillow (hand) should be inside the rectangular shape of the arm pieces. Also if you left the hole open on the hand part, place it so the hole stays outside. This way if you sew the arms, the hole on the hands will stay inside the arm shape, and won't bother anyone. Ok, sew the arm around the edges, and leave the top open. Stuff the arm. Repeat for another, also repeat for the legs and use J parts instead of F.

Decorating the suit
Place the H part on top of an I. Align to the bottom and sew.

The other thing you have to do it a tiny embroidered lambda logo. If you don't any embroidery techniques, you can simply form the shape out of very small simple stitches.

Assemble the pieces as it's shown on the picture.

If you want a really pretty doll, you can try and sew the parts together inside out. I suggest you do this with the arms and legs. Place parts as if Gordon had no head and was turned inside out. :) sew around the edges except the top (the neck). Stuff the doll. Put the head in place and sew along the top of the body.

Look at the picture below. There is how you should assemble the crowbar. This can be extremely hard to do with inside out trick, because the shape is quite tiny and it is really hard to turn in back to the right side once you finished sewing. But a pencil or a stick can help you with that. Oh yeah, you should also stuff the crowbar...

When the base is ready, bend the head and fasten it with a few stitches (as shown below).

Put the crowbar into Gordon's hand and fasten with a few stitches.

Now everybody can sleep tight beside the protecting arms of Dr Freeman.

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