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Cloud, the bunny bag

The second part of the Bleach characters project: Cloud. The... um... bunny... bag... or bunny bag? Anyway he makes a cute bag :3
So here's cloud, the soul that's living inside a bunny shaped bag. Altough in the anime he could move his "body" around, without the soul inside, this particular vessel was a simple bag. So I designed him to be fully functional as a bag.

Materials of Cloud-bag
white textile

red textile

light pink textile

dark pink textile

black textile

yellow textile

pink zip lock

stuffing material

1. Measurement

No templates and measures for this project either. You can make him in any size, the only thing you should be aware of is that...
  • ... Cloud's ears and body are about the same height
  • ... the body should represent a tall rectangle (that means height is bigger than width)

Don't forget to leave about 0.5 - 1 inch border around the pieces for sewing!

2. Preparations

Legs (2)
The main part of the leg is shape A. Once you sewed a B shape on it (aligning it to the bottom and one edge). If you are working with a sewing machine use zig-zag stitches. To make the claws, just sew 2 of the C elements. Now fold this once to make a narrower rectagnle, and place claws to the bottom nad sew them together. If you want to make them really pretty, fold the leg part so the red circular ornament is inside (you should also place the claws facing inside). Be careful to leave the top edge of the legs open, so you can put a little stuffing inside! Don't overstuff! It is enough to make the feet a little puffy, since it's not gonna be a stuffed doll, but a bag. (Repeat the whole procedure to make another leg.)

Ears (2)
To make the ears take a D and a B piece, and sew on the B much like you did in the previous section with the legs. Take another D piece, and sew on the inner ear (E) aligned to the top. Now you can sew and stuff the two halfs of the ear (just like before: face them to each other, sew together, leave the top open for stuffing, stuff). (Repeat for a second ear.)

Cloud's head is made basically made from the F1 and F2 parts. The difference between the two is that F1 has a straight line cut out for the zip lock (that's gonna be the face). To make the eyes, you first have to place and sew the G parts, then you have to make a black X on top of them with some straight stitches. The mouth is just as easy. Place the H part under the eyes, fix it around the border and make a straight line in the middle. Now comes the zip lock.

I cannot give you any good advices for sewing on a ziplock, because I can't do it well myself :D I just cut a line and folded the edges under and sew it on tight. Not very pretty, but it holds...

Preparing accessories
Cloud has two parts of accessories: a tie and a... hmmm... (what is this exactly?)... let's name it patch.
The tie is made from M, N and O pieces. I recommend that you seam eath part around the border. After that you can sew the O part on top of N (align to the top).
I didn't do anything special with the patch. Altough, if you want to be more authentic, you can sew a tiny circle (or a button) the each corner of the P shape.

Head & strap
To make the strap, fold the L part is half (tuck the edges a bit between the two layers to prevent raveling) and sew it around the border. (No need to stuff or turning it inside out, it looks pretty enough this way.)

Face the two parts of the head (F2, and the decorated F1 with the zip lock) to each other. Place the edge of the strap and the two ears to their place, and sew the head together (leave the neck open!).

First we make the collar from the J and K parts. You can make J twice as wide as in the picture and fold it in half and put the K between the two layers, or you can simply sew them together by their edges. (If you are chosing the second option you should know, that it will look best if the K layer is actually under the J and the edge of J is a bit folded back). Now for the "clothing"... Take the I parts (there should be 2 of them) and align them by their longer sides. Get the legs in place (between the layers of I pieces) and sew the I parts together. Put the patch to the right place and fix it with whatever decorative stitches you like. After this you can sew the shorter sides of I parts. Now you have a half bag with legs on it. Pick a side on this weird structure and name in front. Place and sew the tie on top in the middle. (You only have to stitch the M part completely to the body, you can let the N+O hang loose for a more whimsical look).

So we have reached the last big sewing task... Now your bag is in 3 parts: the bottom (with the legs, body and tie), the top (with the ziplock-face and the shoulder strap) and the collar. You "just" have to align them and make one last round of sewing to stick them together. (You can also do this from the inside: try placing the pieces as if you have turned your bag inside out throught the zip lock!)

Yeah, I know, it's hard... all this thinking and imagining... but once you got it, and you didn't sew anything to your own body or clothes during the whole process, you have a fantastic, unique, bunny shaped... and let's admit it... sexy ... bag, right? :)
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