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2012. 05. 23.

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Cakes 'n' Roses

I wanted to make something awesome, but buyish cake for my brother's 18th birthday. Boston Cream Pie + marzipan + fondant + Guns 'n' Roses = ?
I made this decoration on top of a Boston Cream Pie. You can find the recipe for that here on this site, but of course, you can make whatever cake you like.

So here I was thinking about how to theme this cake. Cars? Engineer stuff? Beer? Girls? Music? I thought music was the right path. Maybe some metal. With spikes and stuff make from marzipan or fondant. And then I thought about what bands does my brother like. And so it came to Guns 'n' Roses. It is an easy one, because you can simply buy some red marzipan roses, so my work is already half done. :) But the main part of this theme was the skull I thought up, that resembles Slash. Well, without the hair and glasses, but with his iconic hat. I couldn't buy prepared fondant anywhere, so I decided to make it at home. Baaaaaaad decision...

Fondant Slash

Making fondant deserves its own post. This "tiny" piece took me hours to finish and I think I still have some cocoa powder on my hands.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Don't start making you own fondant, unless you have done something similar before, or you have VERY MUCH time and patience!

Here's the video I followed to make the fondant:

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