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2012. 05. 30.

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Aperture cake

This cake is not a lie! (If you know what I mean...)
One step away from the Half Life theme, but only one: Sacher cake with Aperture Science logo. If you have no clue about this whole thing, I suggest you play some Portal! :)

The decoration consists of two main parts: butter cream and blue linzer cookies. Well, the cream is mostly just butter and confectioner's sugar with some raspberry juice. It was meant to be orange colored. I tried to tint it with a little foodcoloring, but haven't had much success. I'm blaming the butter cream and the foodcoloring liquid. They didn't mix so well. Next time I'll try it with powder based foodcoloring. :)

The linzer was much easier to color. Sadly I haven't found the perfect recipe yet, so you should just choose your favourite cookie dough and paint it blue. You can do that with any lighter colored dough.

But how do we make the logo? khm... khm... Attention!... WITH SCIENCE.

Let's go some geometry! The base is a circle. On the circle we make 8 helper lines (for exapmle: press a knife slightly into the dough, or make a template from some paper). It will look like as if we would want to cut out a tiny octagon from the middle. We'll have to cut the marked shapes out of the dough according to the helper lines. If you bake these shapes you can rebuild the circle on top of the cake (just leave out the octagon in the middle). Now this really looks like az aperture! :)

The picture below illustrates the whole process.

To achieve maximum authenticity, you'll have to pull the parts apart a little bit.

Aperture Science - We do what we must, because we can.

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