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2012. 06. 09.

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A very awesome cake

This is not an ordinary chocolate cake! No, sir! This cake is really awesome!
I made this cake from one and a half portion of ingredients. I made a bigger (9.5 inches) and a smaller (6.5 inches) cake. I put the smaller one on top of the bigger one, and covered them both with the chocolate glaze.

I made the awesome face out of marzipan. I bought colored chunks of marzipan, but you can color them yourself.

Awesome face

The awesome face looks like this...

I used yellow, brown, white and red colors to make it. I didn't use any molds or templates. I rolled out the marzipan and simply cut out the pieces I needed and then placed them on top of each other. To make the brown contours, I formed some marzipan "snakes", put them around the shapes and pressed them down to make them flat.

Here's a picture showing you the steps of the assembly, if you're still lost:

The guest lol'd when they saw the cake, and then they ate it all. Nom-nom.

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